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At the forefront of Rovinj’s historic harbor, little town situated in Istria, regarded by many as the Saint-Tropez of Croatia, boldly stands VILLA TUTTOROTTO, metaphorically named to invoke the courageous and meticulous restoration of this 16th century Venetian “palace of the poor”. While looking over the picturesque fishermen’s port on one side, the main entrance, privately situated on the other side of the villa, transformed as a boutique hotel, is just a few steps away from the bustling Piasa Grande. Before the Venetian rulers decided in1763 to fill up the tiny sea canal that was separating Rovinj, then an island, from the mainland, this beautiful baroques piazza was the town’s center of village life.

The promenade through the Villa starts with the ground floor museum that spans several centuries. It continues with a walk up the spacious marble staircase that are encircled by this design hotel’s walls, covered with authentic art objects, antiques and old maps. Should this exercise not be enough, the conveniently located gymnasium awaits on the fifth floor. The custom made elevator is always an alternative. Each of the five floors of the Villa is styled in its own selection of marble and furnishings while harmoniously incorporating the luxury, boutique hotel restoration and discrete contemporary technology designed for the maximum comfort of its occupants, that will add magic to your romantic weekends or to a last minute dream.

Like in every boutique hotel here gently blows the scent of history. During it’s painstaking restoration, the owners succeeded in introducing the highest modern technology into the Villa, while preserving all of its historical, cultural and religious relics and attributes, and maintaining the wealth of period features. It is now for the first time that the landlords have decided to share its palatial feel and its unique and secluded comfort, as well as the smile of the Madonna and her Child with guests of refined taste who will appreciate the authentic, historic beauty of the Villa.

Let us convince you that the Husted and enticing atmosphere of Villa Tuttorotto make it more like an aristocratic home-away-from-home than a hotel.

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