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The warmth and hospitality offered by Villa Tuttorotto reach their highest point on the first floor. It starts with the unlimited hours of the gourmet breakfast served in the dining room, surrounded by antique istrian furniture and objects. Guests can also choose to have breakfast on the balcony, bathing in the morning sun. Room service is available for those who prefer to stay in the intimacy of their room, where they can enjoy a view of the port and fishermen cleaning their nets from the previous night’s catch. Adjacent to the dining room, guests are welcome to relax in the comfortable sofas of the lounge, while making plans for the day by consulting the extensive family library or the hosts themselves.

In the evening, the lounge will offer an abundance of local and international aperitifs, that the guests can enjoy while making plans for dining out. So, wind your way down to the bar and indulge yourselves..!

Private dinners are offered on the balcony, for a limited number of romantic souls, under the dimmed light of candles and torches. The sounds of dormant seagulls and the music of local bands playing their traditional instruments along the port will often complement your romantic evening.

Otherwise, your hosts have plenty of personal recommendation for local taverns and restaurants, where you can savour local food and wine. Over half a century of experience in the neighborhood makes us a perfect advisor.

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